Drop Buries

casemaxisneaker.jpgPrairie Telecom can make your customer drop burial problems disappear. Over 10,000 lines buried and over 25 years of experience successfully burying cable, telephone and fiber subscriber lines. Complete drop bury management is available including timely, accurate reports and toll free customer contact and notification service. We use the correct equipment to bury the drop to your specifications. 


Drop Buries:

  • Prairie’s crews are experienced in all phases of underground house drop installation including boring and direct bury. We have the experience and proper equipment to bury fiber-to-the-home, coax, copper or drop-in-conduit.
  • All underground personnel, regardless of prior experience, receive initial and on-going training in current techniques and safety.
  • Prairie personnel adhere to strict policies regarding locating and potholing existing utilities. 
  • Prairie has extensive drop bury experience. We are expert at performing drop buries quickly and efficiently. Prairie can manage a company’s drop bury program including fielding customer inquiries, locates, scheduling and follow up as necessary. line-ward.jpg

100sx_1.jpgPrairie has a clear understanding, of what it takes and the importance of, delivering great customer service. We know the challenges of system operation and the crucial nature of each contact with a subscriber. Our commitment to training lays a solid foundation and our reliance on objective and measurable benchmarks insures Prairie Telecom can help your company meet its goals.